Shloka – A Birla School

To achieve excellence in learning both within the classroom and beyond. To empower teachers to guide children with means to construct knowledge. To bring back an element of joy to school surroundings which would nudge the child to grow into full bloom.


Shloka – A Birla School

To encourage children to think independently, to be passionate about what they wish to do, to value excellence. To be a learning mode all their lives. With knowledge, confidence, compassion and cheer, children must proceed to make the world a better place than they found it.

Our values

Shloka – A Birla School

We will be most successful when all employees work towards a common purpose and share common values. Our shared values are:

  • Integrity: We act with the highest legal and ethical standards in everything we do.

  • Respect: We communicate and act in ways that respect and value the worth of every students, cultures, viewpoints, and backgrounds.

  • Teamwork: We work together and share resources to provide highest level of learning to our student.

  • Innovation: We use our diverse skills, talents and ideas to develop innovative, imaginative and creative teaching methods for our students.

  • Courage: We speak up for what is right and in the best interest of our student. We take measured risks so our school ecosystem can thrive and can bring best out of every student.