Salient features

Shloka – A Birla School

The Shloka Curriculum is a rigorous curriculum developed by the Birla Edutech R & D department, which captures the best practices of the global education community. The curriculum is the result of years of intense research and has been successfully piloted in schools across India. It addresses the needs of the next generation learner in the Indian context and can be easily implemented. The curriculum is designed to ensure academic excellence and is supported by a strong physical education, arts and life skills curriculum.

The Shloka School is in sync with the larger Birla Edutech ethos and its unique features are:

  • A progressive curriculum that merges seamlessly with Indian and International Curricula
  • Well researched Sports and Creative Arts curriculum and facilities
  • The Centre for Excellence- where the school and the community can avail of subject focused enrichment/remedial programs
  • Appropriate use of Technology
  • Career counselling with a focus on competitive examination preparation
  • Continuous teacher training and support
  • Continuous monitoring and evaluation of the Shloka schools by Birla Edutech
  • Infrastructure in sync with the Shloka curriculum- stimulating classroom/school environment